United States-China Exchange Council (USCEC)

Teach English in China Program


USCEC is a friendship, training education and consultant service oriented organization dedicated to professional exchange programs between the United States and China.


USCEC provides U.S. Visa Counseling Service, Cultural Tour Service, Business Travel Service, School Credential Certification Service, and Interpretation Service.


USCEC is proud of partnering with various public and private entities in the United States and China.

International Experts Exchange Program

This program is designed to accelerate the cooperation on education, economy, technology and commerce between experts and professionals in the United States and China.
  • Talents Recruitment
  • Talents Training
  • Recruitment of Certified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Teachers
Teach English in China Program U.S.-China Exchange Council partners with various China's School Districts and local institutes, ranging from elementary schools to universities and professional schools, to bridge passionate and qualified English teachers in the United States with millions of English learners in China.

Training Programs and Services

USCEC provides consultant and training services for both American and Chinese Societies. Our training programs include seminars, field visits and practical trainings, which provide Chinese delegations theoretical and practical knowledge in related fields and latest international information and trends.

  • 1. Economics Administration Program
  • 2. Human Resources and Administration
  • 3. Transportation and Logistics Management
  • 4. Environment Protection
  • 5. E-Government and E-Business
  • 6. Legislation and Police
  • 7. Int'l Marketing and Business Administration
  • 8. Agriculture Management and Technology